Forms and Applications

Planning Division Documents

  1. Activity in Public Places Permit Application
  2. Adult-Oriented Business Permit Application
  3. Business License Application Zoning Supplement
  4. Business Sign
  5. Color Approval Application
  6. Color Approval Application (Spanish)
  7. Conditional Use Permit Guidelines and Application
  8. Density Bonus Application
  9. Development Permit Guidelines and Application
  10. Development Standards Sheet
  11. Environmental Assessment Checklist
  12. Fee Schedule_07-2011
  13. Fence Approval Application
  14. General Plan Amendment Application
  15. Home Enterprise Permit Application
  16. Home Enterprise Permit Application_Spanish
  17. Landscape Plan Review Application
  18. Large Family Child Care Permit Application_9-2013
  19. Lot Line Adjustment Application
  20. Minor CUP Guidelines and Application
  21. Minor Development Permit for Outdoor Uses Application_9-2013
  22. Minor Development Permit Guidelines and Applicati
  23. Minor Modification to Entitlement Application_9-2013
  24. Multi-unit Housing Regulations Compliance Form
  25. New Land Use Application_9-2013
  26. News Rack Permit Application_9-2013
  27. Planning Commission Appeal Application
  28. Public Access Telephone Permit Application
  29. Public Art Application
  30. Radius Map and Public Notice Mailing Guidelines
  31. Reasonable Accommodation Application
  32. Rebuild Letter Application
  33. Re-Roof Application
  34. Sidewalk Dining Approval Application_10-2013
  35. Sign Permit Guidelines and Application
  36. Special Event Permit Application
  37. Specific Plan Amendment Application
  38. Temporary Sign Permit Guidelines and Application
  39. Temporary Use Permit Application
  40. TPM-TTM Guidelines and Application
  41. Variance Guidelines and Application
  42. Window Application
  43. ZOA Application
  44. Zone Change Application
  45. Zoning Letter Application