Parks and Recreation Master Plan

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The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was approved by the Huntington Park City Council on May 5, 2008. The full document is available below.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will serve as a roadmap that will help guide future parks and recreation decisions in the city. The Master Plan will be used as a tool to develop parks and recreation-related goals, policies, and objectives that will provide the city with a clear vision for park facilities and recreation programming.
The document was created over the course of one year and included various community input and research including community workshops at Salt Lake Park, Westside Park, and Freedom Park; a public survey that was distributed throughout the community; and individual interviews conducted with park users. The result of this intensive research is a document that reflects community needs, concerns, and ideas that will shape future parks and recreation decisions in Huntington Park.

The main areas of focus in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan include an assessment of current park facilities and recreation programming; an analysis of park maintenance; existing park opportunities and constraints; and a park facility action plan that identifies more than 80 park improvement projects.

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Click below to view the individual sections of the Master Plan.
Section A – Introduction and Executive Summary (2.1 MB)
Section B – Public Opinion Survey (428 KB)
Section C – Community Meetings and Workshops (137 KB)
Section D – City Staff and Mayor Interviews (52 KB)
Section E – Citywide Map of Park Locations (646 KB)
Section F – Park Inventory (54 KB)
Section G – Park Facility Maintenance (477 KB)
Section H - Existing Park Opportunities and Constraints (608 KB)
Section I – Baseline Level of Park and Recreation Services (65 KB)
Section J – Recreational Trends (58 KB)
Section K – Recreational Fee Survey (66 KB)
Section L – Art-In-Public Places (49 KB)
Section M – Conclusions and Philosophies (55 KB)
Section N – Action Plan (15.5 MB)
Section O – Park Renovation with Projected Cost Estimates (80 KB)
Section P – Grant Opportunities (49 KB)
Appendix (582 KB)