Conducting a Waste Audit

If you need help in conducting a general waste audit or would like assistance, please call the City of Huntington Park Public Works Department at (323)584-6274 or contact Christina Dixon, HP Recycling Coordinator at (323) 584-6323.

What is a Waste Audit and why do one?

A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of wastes being generated by an organization. Information from audits will help identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. Being waste-wise can mean:
  • A more efficient and effective organization
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Better use of limited natural resources
A small business waste audit can be conducted and it is first step to finding out cost saving ways of reducing your waste. It will also provide an idea of what sort of material you are using and ways to reduce it through recycling or other methods.

What are the objectives of the audit?

The audit's objectives will largely determine the waste types and physical locations to be audited. Some examples of audit objectives could be:
  • To determine composition and quantities of waste being generated
  • To measure effectiveness of existing waste management systems
  • To identify opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies
  • To collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization strategies