The City of Huntington Park strives to provide a high level of governmental transparency. To this end, the following information has been compiled and made easily accessible to the public. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the City Manager, at (323) 584-6223.

Adopted budgets for current and previous fiscal years
Budget update presentations
City spending (warrant registers)

Public Meetings
City Council meeting agendas and minutes
Click here to view archived video of City Council meetings
Civil Service Commission agendas and minutes
Successor Agency Board agendas and minutes
Health and Education Commission agendas and minutes
Historic Preservation Commission agendas and minutes
Planning Commission agendas and minutes
Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture (PARC) Commission agendas and minutes

Elected Officials
City Council contact information
Civil Service Commission contact information
Successor Agency Board contact information
Health and Education Commission contact information
Historic Preservation Commission contact information
Planning Commission contact information
Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture (PARC) Commission contact information

Administrative Officials
City organizational chart
Administrative official contact information
Chief of Police employment agreement

Process for permits and zoning applications

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

City purchasing policy
Bids and Request for Proposals

Statement regarding lobbying

Public Records
Freedom of Information Act request form - submit request online or print form

Local, county, state, and federal tax information
Pension Tax Rate Summary