Illegal Dumping Ordinance

The City Code Will Help Beautify the City
The Huntington Park illegal dumping ordinance aims to keep the city clean and beautiful. Passed in November of 2012, the ordinance says that any person that owns, rents, or is in control of a property is solely responsible for keeping it neat and orderly, especially in regard to rubbish, garbage, debris, and bulky items. The property could be a house, apartment building, office building, business, or an empty lot and includes the front and side yards, sidewalks, alleys, and the street right in front of the property.

The ordinance allows the city's enforcement officials to charge the property owners and/or responsible persons the cost of removing the debris if they did not schedule pick up report the dumped trash on their property in a timely manner.

To read the entire ordinance, visit:

Urban Illegal Dumping Campaign
The Public Works Department's coordinates a public awareness campaign-titled "Let's Keep HP Clean & Beautiful" - to help eliminate dumping in Huntington Park.

The goal of the campaign is to help Huntington Park residents and business owners understand the negative impact illegal dumping has on the city and to provide a way for all of us to work together to help solve the problem.

The campaign features citywide bulky item pick-up events, neighborhood clean-up events, public meeting presentations and informational materials.

In 2013, the city held Bulky Items Round Up Events where the city collected:
- 120 TONS of debris, rubbish and bulky items
- 4 Tons of electronic waste (computers, TVs, etc.)

Campaign materials are available in English and Spanish to help educate and motivate residents about the importance of being part of the solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted and illegally dumped trash in the city. Materials include flyers, banners, car magnets and posters. You can view and download these materials, by going to the materials section of this website.

heading_department.gifThe Urban Illegal Dumping Campaign was funded by a grant from CalRecycle, which was obtained through a competitive application process.