Immigration Reform

With one of the largest Spanish-language resident populations in the state of California and the nation, the City of Huntington Park takes an active interest in the debate over federal immigration reform. Because many of our residents share similar concerns on this issue, we want you to know your City leaders have taken the extraordinary steps of taking up City Council resolutions, and sending letters communicating our support and concerns about immigration policies to both Pope Francis and President Obama.

Huntington Park supports the federal government's role and responsibility in shaping immigration reform and we believe cities like ours have a unique perspective to share. But we also feel there is an appropriate time and place to add our voices to the debate in a thoughtful and constructive manner.

The entire debate on immigration reform is a moving and evolving conversation, but a very important one as well. We must be flexible in terms of how to constructively and positively contribute to it. As leaders of a predominantly Hispanic city in a state with one of the largest Hispanic populations in the nation, we feel it is prudent to add our voice when and where it adds a positive influence to immigration issues that are equitable for everyone.

Please read the resolution and the letters for yourself here.